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Down The Rabbit Hole with Bend Burlesque

Wednesday Oct. 2nd, 2019

The Whisper Emporium is a new group in town, founded by some of the kinkier members of this community, who are wanting to delve deeper into sex positivity, kink, and sensual Central Oregonians desires to see an edgier show, and bring healthy discussion about sex and kink to the forefront.
This event is sponsored by The Pretty Pussycat
We will have a mini lingerie show by Tres Chic Lingerie

Down The Rabbit Hole is the story of Alice in Wonderland with a healthy dose of kink and sex positivity. We will start the night with a burlesque style show, where we follow Alice into Wonderland to meet many kinky characters with some fetishes!
The show will end, and demonstrations will begin!

We will feature 3-5 demos that aim to educate on various kinks and fetishes. Imagine sipping a drink and learning about the proper way to issue spankings, and how to drip wax on your partner gently and teasingly. It’s sure to be hot, sexy, and informative.

After demonstrations we will have ample time to mingle and seduce each other. There will be a place for voyeurs to relax and see a “peepshow” of sorts, where sexy entertainers will be performing sensual touch, and play while you mingle and relax.

Doors at 7:30
Show at 8ish
The night will end around 11PM.

Tickets are to be bought in advance and are $50.
Tickets can be purchased in advance by the link.

Yee-Haw! Burlesque Western Bonanza!

October 4th, 2019 @ The Belfry in Sisters

Tickets at bendticket.com

The year is 1869, the town is Tucker’s Gulch, the setting is The Soiled Dove Saloon. Welcome to the show!

Yee-Haw was conceived by a rag-tag group of burlesque dancers and old timey sinners. If you’re looking for a tease, a story, a laugh, scantily clad saloon gals, and to be slightly unsettled: we’ve got a show for you!

Yee-Haw is a Western show about a group of soiled doves who find themselves in a predicament that could upset their way of life and and tear them apart, what ensues is murder, strange mystery, and romance, but don’t fret; there’s gun fights, and plenty of whiskey too! There’s a villian, a virgin, and Madame, a barkeep, and some prostitutes, a French gal, and an all knowing cowboy, and none of them disappoint.

Please come join Bend Burlesque for this unique and boundary-pushing show that combines theater and burlesque into one wild ride.

Friday October 4th, 2019 at The Belfry
Doors at 7:30PM, show starts around 8PM

Limited ticket sales, so please purchase in advance. This here is one show you will not want to miss.

Bend Film Fest 2nd Line!


October 10th, 2019

Come dress up and join in as we do some loops through downtown Bend in honor of Bend Film Fest! 4:30-5:30PM

7th Annual $20 Art Show at The Bright Place Gallery

Oct. 19th, 2019 @ 6-9PM

Join the Bend Burlesque Caravan: costume sales, lingerie sales, fortune telling, and many other circus-y surprises!

“The Seven Seas” A Bend  Burlesque Production

November 15th, 2019 @ Cascade Theatrical Co.

Come set sail at The Capitol with us during “The Seven Seas,” show. This will be all things nautical, mermaid-y, ocean-themed, and water inspired. Come swash-buckle and enjoy the view.